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Since 2006 there is the open source project 'OpenDCC', and it is constantly being expanded and improved. 'Open Source' means that all documents necessary for the reconstruction are freely available. There is no technical secret, and for personal use, the utilization of the circuitry is permitted without paying royalties.

However, the kits we offer require a certain level of prior electronic knowledge and skilled craftsmanship (due to the use of SMD parts). The OpenDCC website as well as the associated Forum offer an immense wealth of background information and assistance by the developer and the user community.

The cost effective OpenDCC central station provides a maximum instruction throughput, both on the track and at the PC interface, by intelligent command processing and has no need to shy away from a technical comparison with commercial products. The feedback is provided in up to three parallel S88 strands, and Intellibox, Xpressnet, or HSI88 modes can be emulated.

OpenDecoder is a common platform for DCC decoders of any variety. There is a turnout decoder (with optional feedback of the real situation), a semaphore decoder (with transition technology), a lighting control system (with simulation of neon or sodium vapor lamps), traffic lights (for Faller Car System), road works security lights (sequential lights), turn signals, a servo decoder, and an open platform for own developments. Last but not least there is a DMX decoder for room light control (automatic twilight) and an MP3 decoder.

Booster, Reverse Loop Modules and other DIY peripherals complete the product range. uses cookies. More information Don't show this info again